OMEGA Universal Laptop Netzteil - 100-240V - 120W

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Universal Laptop Netzteil fürs Auto

This high power DC adaptor is designed to power notebook computers which require DC input from 15V to 24V.

7 different voltages adjustable: 15 / 16 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 22 / 24 V

incl. 10 compatible plugs for all laptops:

 6.5*4.3*1.4 do FUJITSU-SIEMENS (16V 3.36A; 16V 3.75A; 19V 3.16A), SONY (16V 3.75A; 19.5V 2.15A; 19.5V 2.7A; 19.5V 5.13A; 19.5V 3A; 19.5V 4.1A; 16V 4A), SAMSUNG (14V 3A)
 5.5*2.5 do LITEON (19V 3.16A), NEC (19V 3.16A)
 3.5*1.35 do SHARP (22V 2.04A)
 6.3*3.0 do NEC (15V 4A), TOSHIBA (19V 3.16A; 15V 3A, 15V 4A, 15V 5A, 15V 6A, 19V 4.74A)
 4.8*1.7, do HP/COMPAQ (18.5V 3.5A), COMPAQ (18.5V 2.7A, 18.5V 3.8A), DELTA (19V 2.64A), NEC (19V 2.64A), ASUS (19V 2.64A)
 5.5*2.5 do ACER (19V 3.42A), COMPAQ (19V 3.16A), DELTA (19V 3.42A; 19V 4.47A; 19V 4.74A), FUJITSUSIEMENS (19V 4.22A), HP/COMPAQ (18.5V 1.1A; 19V 3.16A; 18.5V 4.9A), IBM (16V 3.5A; 16V 3.36A; 16V 4.5A; 19V 4.2A), LITEON (19V 3.95A;19V 4.74A), LS (20V 3.25A), GATEWAY (19V 3.16A; 19V 3.68A; 19V 4.74A)
 5.5*3.0 do SAMSUNG (19V 4.74A; 19V 3.16A; 19V 4.22A; 16V 3.75A)
 3pin do DELL (20V 3.5A; 20V 4.5A)
 7.7*7*2.5 do APPLE (24V 1.875A, 24V 2A)
 do HP/COMPAQ (19V 4.7A,18.5V 3.5A)

  • 120W