OMEGA Magic Speaker - induktiver Lautsprecher - schwarz

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OMEGA Magic Speaker - induktiver Lautsprecher - schwarz

What is the conductive sound technology?

This patented technology allows to transmit the sound through vibrations directly to the target object without using air as a transfer medium. It offers amazing surround effect even when using only one speaker. Thanks to conduction, and using the object as the speaker's membrane, sound penetration even in a loud environment. It is also used in e.g. bone conductive headphones for hard of hearing and hearing impaired people.

Basic product information:
Omega Magic Speaker consists of the speaker and the conductor. In the set you will also find power USB cable and audio in cable with mini jack 3,5mm plug. It has enough sound power (up to 2,5W) to share your music with your friends.

How to use it?
Just put it on a hard & flat surface, e.g. of a desk. Make sure that the conductor is firmly connected with the surface, then plug the USB power interface in the computer's free usb port (or any usb 5-6V charger/power bank), and make sure the interface of mini-usb connecting with the speaker. The next step is to connect the audio interface to the audio source, e.g. computer, MP3 player, IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE, then you could enjoy listening your music.

In order to get the best sound quality, experiment with using different hard flat surfaces. Magic speaker inspires creativity - by using various objects as the output surfaces. Learn how does the music spread around different objects. Feel the music surrounding you. For example, you can put on the wood, glass, wall, metal, carton, plastic - to hear the difference and find the perfect sound. You can experiment by placing it even on your forehead, by this you can feel the bone conduction - the music will reverberate inside your head. Magic speaker can make you feel your music better and in different way than ever before.

Tech spec:
DC voltage: 5-6V
Frequency response: 100Hz-18KHz