BD-RE 25GB PHILIPS - Blu-Ray Rewritable 1-2x Speed Cakebox 10 Stück

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modell25 GB
BD-RE 25GB PHILIPS - Blu-Ray Rewritable 1-2x Speed  Cakebox 10 Stück

The new optical technology dedicated to High Definition recording. With the new Blu-ray discs record over tow hours Full HD video and enjoy highest possible image and sound quality. You can also record up to 13 hours standard definition TV. On the same 12cm surface like a DVD or CD the single layer Blu-ray discs offer a storage capacity of 25GB. 5x more than a DVD. Thanks to their large storage capacity these new discs are also the ideal back up solution for all you data.

BD-RE, rewritable up to 1000x

Compatibility: with all players/recorders Blu-ray discs

  • Cakebox
  • 10 Stück