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AMARAY Blu-Ray Hüllen 14mm - 10 Stück blau 1901AMBR010

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AMARAY Blu-Ray Hüllen 14mm - 10 Stück blau

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AMARAY Blu-Ray Hüllen 14mm - 10 Stück blau


AMARAY Blu-Ray Hüllen 14mm - 10 Stück blau

The new Blu-ray? case from Amaray is a highly versatile case made from premium materials to give a superior quality finish. Sporting a silver blocked Blu-ray logo the new case is ideal for both retailers and studios alike.

With a large capacity spine the European Blu-ray? case can accommodate a 3mm booklet, a signigicant increase over the standard US case. The new case also has the ability to bundle media, a second disc tray for either standard, Blu-ray? or UMD products means the case is highly versatile and can be tailored to suit a number of dual media applications.

  • Unique, patent, stress-free locking disc hub
  • Proven economical inlay system
  • Made from impact resistant, recyclable polypropylene
  • Wide spine for high visibility in 'end on' racking
  • Red Tag Compatible
  • Can be run on automated packing lines after adjustment.
  • Accommodates internal booklet up to 3mm thick

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1 Disc
10 Stück

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